What Is Cloud Computing?

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By Andrew Seaman

With any emerging technology, it can be difficult to understand the details of what it is, how it can be used, and what the benefits are of using it. Cloud computing is a technology that is gaining greater exposure all of the time, and this article is to provide you with the details.Cloud computing refers to data that is stored in the ‘cloud’ – ie.

virtually stored data that is not in a physical location on your business premises. No applications necessarily have to be installed on your computer in order to access the data, and the data is accessible via any location with an internet connection – meaning it is totally available anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

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One of the main benefits to cloud computing has been mentioned above, and that is the ability to access data no matter where you are. This means you could be in your company office, at home, travelling, or even on the other side of the world – and still have access to all of your files. The files are stored virtually, which will simply require you to enter the relevant connection and authentication details in order to connect to the server in which your data is kept.

A large benefit to this kind of storage is that it takes away the potential danger of having important files stored in a single location. Should the unthinkable happen and there be a disaster in which your servers are destroyed, you shouldn’t have to be worried about losing all of the files and data that was stored on those servers. Just think how damaging it would be to use year’s worth of data in a single night? Would you be business be able to keep going?

How much is cloud computing?

There isn’t a fixed price with cloud computing, as it’s very much a requirements-specific solution. Depending on how much space you require, how many people you require accessing it (and where from), can all play a factor in the overall cost of a setup such as this. To understand the details and pricing in more detail, you should speak to a local IT specialist who will no doubt be able to shed further light on the solution that meets your business requirements.

Is cloud computing secure enough for my business?

Contrary to the belief that storing your data in the ‘cloud’ is somehow more insecure that physically doing so in your property, cloud computing carries many security benefits. Firstly, your data is off-site, there is no risk of it being damaged or stolen (should the unthinkable happen), and you will have multiple backups of all of your files (also carrying the benefit of them being accessible from outside of the office). Secondly, if your internal network should go down in your office, or data get corrupted, you don’t have to worry about the important files you have stored in the cloud – as these will all be protected and away from your primary network.

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